Now more than ever, the experience, tone, and first impression a potential client has when first coming in contact with your brand leaves a lasting impression and ultimately determines long term relationships.  We have the technical and design skills to create a memorable environment for you and your prospective or current clients wherever you connect with them!

DIGITAL & VR(Virtual Reality)

Creating the proper environtment in a digital experience is just as important as a physical presence.  Advertising your brand, event, or promotion in a digital format is now easier than ever with technology integrations.  Using LED panels, LED signage, digital graphics, tablets, touchscreen monitors,  and livestreaming equipment  every exhibitor or event manager can interact and deliver real time messaging.  We have rental and purchase options available and have the ability to ship and install nationwide.


Your corporate lobby is the first impression your prospective client receives upon entering your premesis.  A well planned lobby or showroom can provide the client with an experience that transports them to a destination, or leaves a powerful impression on the company, products, and services being offered.  We specialize in design, fabrication, and installation of lobby and showroom upgrades.


Create a real life experience and bring your brand to life with experiential marketing such as product sampling, Virtual Reality experiences, product placements, events, street teams, and more.


Large format digital signage can be incorporated into lobbies, showrooms, events, and trade show displays.  Use reconfigurable LED panels to create digital works of art.

What does your lobby, showroom, or promotional display say about your brand?  An environment is any experiential program meant to immerse the end user in the brand’s products or services.  With proper though and planning, an environment can provide a long lasting impression creating the need, desire, or authority in the marketplace.


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