When You Can't Meet Face-to-Face...
Host Your Own Virtual Event!

When you can't meet Face-to-Face, a virtual event can help bridge the gap between vendors and customers. Consider the benefits to hosting your own event!

Overwhelmed, confused, want more info? Sign up for a free brainstorming session with our digital media team and get some free, no-obligation advice. We’re all in this together, and we’ve got knowledge and experience with digital event marketing.

Our Virtual Event and Digital Marketing Services

Pre-Planning Services

The first step to a successful virtual event is having quality audio and video.  Consider one of our professional video rental packages.

Our team of event marketing experts, professional copywriters, and event planners can help you and your team craft your message, assess and align your goals, and incorporate audio, video, or visual supports as needed.

Event Marketing / Lead Generation

Facebook and LinkedIn continue to be excellent avenues for targeting specific demographics to generate leads and gain an audience for your Virtual Event.

An essential move to market any Virtual Event is reconnecting with previous attendees from last year’s events.  Following up with existing or former clients is also an important step to gaining a strong audience for your Virtual Event.

Have you ever been on a website and then everywhere you go online, you see ads for that same company or service?  That’s digital ad marketing!  Target or retarget audiences with digital ads – increase brand awareness, drive sales, or promote your Virtual Event.

YouTube Video Ads

Lead Generation Campaigns

Google Ads

Promotional videos of products, services, or individuals from your company that you can post to your own social media and website.

Event Execution

Our Professional Videographers can assist you with setting up your camera and sound equipment.  Or, for more elaborate events, a professional multi-camera team can produce a live or pre-recorded video for your Virtual Event.

Some people just don’t want to be on camera.  We get it!  (Nether do we!!)  Our professional on camera spokesperson team can provide voice-overs, or supplement, augment, or even replace your own staff during a digital event.  Male and female presenters are both available. 

If you’re in need of a physical location to do the event, our 14,000 square foot building has plenty of space to host a virtual event.  Whether you choose to use all or part of an existing display or backdrop, purchase new or rent, or just need an open conference room, our facility in St. Louis, MO has high speed internet and can accommodate groups while still allowing for plenty of social distancing.