ITC 2021 – Installation of 10×20 video wall tradeshow display with Timelapse Video!

New 10x20 Tradeshow display for Axiom at ITC Vegas 2021

ITC Vegas is the world’s biggest convention highlighting Insurtech.  It is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders of the insurance industry to meet and discuss new ideas, innovations, and ways to enrich their customers.  

Axiom’s new 10×20 trade show display features a sleek integrated video wall into one half.  The straight lines, modern stark white appearance and use of monitors and a video wall in place of graphics provides Axiom the opportunity to update their branding and messaging easily.  This display is reconfigurable, meaning it can be set up as a 10×20 or a 10×10 display.  It could also be integrated as part of a larger trade show display down the road.  


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