Planning a large scale virtual or face to face event takes time and a LOT of planning.  We’ve collaborated with experts in the industry to bring you professional advice, guides, and inspiration for your next experiential marketing event. 

Get The Booth You Want For The Budget You Have

This e-book outlines different exhibit types, lead times and price points of off-the-shelf, semi-custom and custom exhibits to help steer you in the right direction. Learn which exhibit type is best for you and take the next step to start your project!

5 Steps to Evaluating Trade Show Value

Eliminate the guesswork, set clear-cut goals, track measurable metrics and outline the process of continuous refinement to ensure that you get the most value from each and every trade show.

Inspiring & Interactive Exhibits

Get inspired to create an interactive experience! This e-book showcases the brightest ideas for attendee engagement, including games, giveaways, interactive product displays and technology integrations.

Social Media for Exhibitors

Learn how to harness the power of social media to expand reach and create an open dialogue with consumers before, during and after face-to-face events.

Trade Show Planning Checklist

This checklist will help you prepare for a successful exhibiting experience by outlining common "to-do" items in the months leading up to and after an event.

Create a Killer Trade Show Exhibit Ebook

Learn the process of creating a killer trade show exhibit and the planning, prep and processes surrounding the design of a trade show exhibit.

Beginner to Winner Ebook

Nimlok's Beginner to Winner e-book is designed to help you become a better exhibitor via a simple five step plan.

Design Guide for Island Exhibits

Learn the best practices for designing an island exhibit.

ROI Playbook

Follow these actionable steps presented in this guide to score big and improve return on investment at your next trade show or event.

Smart Marketers' Guide to Events

This guide walks the reader through all the steps necessary to create an event marketing strategy that will maximize trade show investments.

Is Rental Right For Me?

Wondering if exhibit rentals is the right move for your company? This guide will help you weigh the costs and benefits

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